The Bee Centre is the home of sustainable beekeeping in the UK. Based near Preston, this pioneering organisation promotes an ethical approach to beekeeping as well as enhancing habitats and biodiversity across the UK.

It all started when Kath Cordingley was bought a beekeeping course as a birthday surprise by her husband, Simon. Today, The Bee Centre manages nearly 10 million honeybees in their numerous apiaries across the North West and North Wales.

Simon and Kath have drawn upon their professional, environmental backgrounds to establish this multi-award-winning organisation as a national centre of excellence in bee-related matters. Unusual in the beekeeping world for many reasons, making honey is not actually the focus of what they do. They like to leave as much as possible for the bees to enjoy. Consequently, this beautiful, delicious honey is in fact a happy by-product of their environmental and educational activities.