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Karen & Jools are on a mission to bring fabulously tasty scoff to the world that’s full of all the good stuff without the nasties.

There is nothing quite like reproducing the flavour’s of far-off places you have visited when you’re back home. It brings back so many memories of aromas, places visited and, of course, the local food. For the good people at Nowt Poncy®, it has to be simple and delicious. They want authenticity, just like the locals make it – nutritious, without nasty preservatives, as healthy as possible without taking hours to prepare. Just open it up, stick it in a pan, heat it and add to your favourite pasta or ingredients. You can rustle up a fab meal in under twenty minutes that’s easy on the calories and huge on flavour.

Nowt Poncy® products are low sugar and coeliac and vegan friendly