Your delivery day and time depends on where you live in the North West. Our routes are planned around the shortest route available. This also means we can’t offer delivery time slots. On the morning of your delivery, we will have information about our route, if you would like to know an approximate time of delivery just give us a ring on 01772 781500.

You can add items to an order that is processing. These will need to be made before the the deadline cut off for your area (please see our delivery page).

To add to your order, simply fill your basket with the items that you want to add and go to checkout.

On the checkout page (beneath the shipping address information) is a drop menu which enables you to select your previous order to connect this add on order to. Select your order (it will only show if it is still available to be added to) and then finish checkout as normal (your add on order does not have to be over £40.

Please note that your shipping address and date must be the same as your original order.

No, we can leave you delivery somewhere safe. We want it to be convenient for you. Just bear in mind that some items may be best kept cool.

We have a minimal order value of £40.00 – we do not charge anything for delivery

You will need to place your order by 10am 2 days before the delivery day designated for your area.

East Lancashire, Cheshire & Greater Manchester (Wednesdays) – Order Deadline: 10am Monday
South Lancashire & Merseyside (Thursdays) – Order Deadline: 10am Tuesday
North Lancashire & Cumbria (Fridays) – Order Deadline: 10am Wednesday

We deliver to all postcodes in the 5 counties of the North West – Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire & Merseyside.

If you’re reporting a problem, we’d prefer you get in touch with us directly so that we can resolve it for you straight away. Please ring us on 01772 781500 or visit our contact page.

If you want to review a product you can do this on the product pages.

Here are some handy hints for your review:

Include anything that’s useful for fellow shoppers.

Avoid using personally identifiable information (like full names or contact details).

Please don’t mention other food companies, retailers or prices otherwise the review system will reject the review.

You will need to pay by card during Checkout. This is secure and very easy to do.

We do our best to have stock ready to fulfil orders, however balancing supply and demand, whilst keeping product super fresh can be a challenging. If a product you have ordered is out of stock, we will endeavour to send you an email to advise of possible substitutions before dispatching your order. Failing this we will refund you for the product within 48 hours.

Every item we have is unique, however we can’t guarantee that any of them do not have traces of nuts on or in them.