Try Something New – What I Want From My Coffee

Jabana - Taster Pack

Jabana - Taster Pack

This morning I went out to a local coffee shop and ordered my usual Latte, it cost me £2.80 and it was ordinary! The coffee was strong yet it had no depth of flavour. In contrast this afternoon as I sat drinking my coffee I found myself marvelling at the unique flavours and aromas of Madani’s Jabana blend. The sweet taste of the latte lingered in my mouth, it felt special. Furthermore the single serving had cost only 30 pence, another win!


I want to share my joy of this coffee with you. Consequently, for a limited period, I will be sending out taster bags with all cheese orders and Jabana will be on promotion!


I hope you enjoy the coffee as much as me and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


Keep Smiling,


Posted on November 1st, 2011
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