Amazing Cheese Wedding Cake

Today one very happy customer sent us the result of a unique wedding cake she built…out of cheese!

The cake comprised a base of Goulds Cheddar, Red Lecister & Double Glouster whilst the middle layer was a full 2.5kg Blacksticks Blue. Finally the cake was topped by four Ravens Oak cheeses, with their white rind giving a lovely contrast to the deep orangey hue of the Blacksticks Blue.

We think a cheese cake is not just a brilliant idea for a wedding but a party in general, its unique and does two jobs in one! Everyone loves farmhouse cheese, which means there will never be any waste, and if there is…it won’t stay around for long as people rush to take the leftovers home!

Let us know what you think of this lovely cheese cake or if you need anything similar, get in touch with us at Butlers Larder.



Posted on September 15th, 2012
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