Trotter Hill

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Trotter Hill

A fully matured and extremely special rinded Lancashire cheese, handmade by Butlers using a raft of traditional cheesemaking skills. The name originates from the steep hill in Inglewhite village where locals would trot their horses whilst at the village fair. Wrapped in muslin and matured for up to a year in the barn at Throstle Nest Farm, unique natural flora moulds help to develop the cheese’s specific flavour profile and texture. Trotter Hill has a deep, complex, savoury flavour and a creamy pale yellow colour.


Made with local pasteurised cows milk

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Where Is It Made?


Our main dairy is on Wilson Fields Farm, just outside the picturesque village of Inglewhite, at the foot of Beacon Fell. This is the home of Blacksticks in addition to our collection of handmade regional cheeses.
Tim Fisher is the head cheese maker there - there is not much he doesn’t know about cheese. Tim makes sure that everything is just as it should be in the dairy so that you get the tastiest cheese that we can make.

History of Trotter Hill

In days gone by when the village square in Inglewhite used to be home to the weekly market, people used to 'trot' the horses from the square up the road and up the hill past Butler's dairy. When they reached the top of the hill they would see if the horse was 'blowing' indicating that it wasn't very fit and probably not worth buying at the market. Thus the hill became known as 'Trotter Hill' and Butlers named their Tasty Lancashire Cheese after it.