TODAY is the Day I have been dreaming about!  Some days I would wake with a start, thinking “WOW … BUTLERS  LARDER is going to be Amazing … so many exciting quality products located in one LARDER and ready for direct delivery to your door. Occasionally I would drift off to sleep wondering if I was completely crazy or was I expecting too much from one website.


WELL … Today, Tuesday 6 September 2011 I have just pressed the ‘GO’ button.  BUTLERS LARDER is now Operational and ready for business. We made it! The dream is a reality!


Please take a look around The Larder. Click on items of interest  to you. The website should do exactly what you want. If you find yourself thinking I wish I could see another picture of any one product, then click on the product, and more pictures will appear.


TODAY is only Day One! If you find anything that doesn’t work as you would expect or you have any questions on the products, delivery, or perhaps you just want to say HELLO then I am happy to help.


I look forward to dispatching your first order.


Keep Smiling,


Posted on September 6th, 2011
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