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Trotter Hill – The only cheese for a sandwich…

Posted on February 22nd, 2012

Currently I am travelling around South East Asia, taking a break from the cooler UK climate and looking for new ideas, whilst leaving Butlers Larder in the capable hands of my younger brother Daniel.

Each day we sample the local dishes and explore the streets looking for something a little bit different. However as yet we have not found the gourmet larders and farm shops we have become accustomed to in the UK. Furthermore cheese seems to be a rarity! Cambodia has a heavy French influence stemming from the colonial days thus they do make very good baguettes. Yesterday, I decided to break from noodles and opted for a cheese and salad baguette. What a disappointment, Cambodians know a lot about noodles, they can make great bread but it turns out they do not yet know the wonderful flavour which only farmhouse cheese gives you. The ‘cheese’ I received was slices of tasteless rubbery cheddar. It will be noodles for me for the foreseeable future. However the experience has left me longing for the unique taste of a mature, tangy Lancashire cheese with its complex flavour and open texture. If you are reading this in the UK make the most of our delicious cheese. Trotter Hill is the only cheese to make a cheese sandwich with in my opinion. It’s strong flavour combined with fresh bread and a fruit chutney is heaven. However you make your sandwich, next time try it with Trotter Hill, you won’t be disappointed!

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British Cheese Week

Posted on October 1st, 2011

A few days ago I ventured to the Three Fishes, a country pub inn located in Mitton, Lancashire. As some of you may be aware, it’s been British Cheese Week over the past seven days. Consequently, The Three Fishes, a restaurant specialising in local produce; requested some Butlers Trotter Hill to place on their bar to mark the event.



We provided them with a 1kg wedge of delicious Trotter Hill, which they placed at each end of the bar, and it’s safe to say that this went down a treat with customers! Trotter Hill really is the perfect cheese for this occasion, it’s strong complex flavour & loose open texture allow you to nibble at the cheese, enjoying the flavour without being over faced by a heavy slab of cheese, which can often be the case with a cheddar when used for similar occasions. Subsequently, Trotter Hill didn’t need any fancy accompaniments; often people over complicate a cheeseboard, when often a good-sized wedge of the right cheese is all people want!



If you ever take a visit to Lancashire, or are travelling past Junction 30 on the M6, then the Three Fishes pub inn is certainly a good place to visit. Do remember to order the cheeseboard though, which has a great selection of cheese; including Trotter Hill & Blacksticks Blue.


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